Qualified Talents

Recruitment Information

"We are looking for passionate talents to grow with PLK Tech that is leading the era of autonomous driving in Korea."

  • Recruitment

    • Office Workers
    • Research Engineers
    • New Comers and Career Employees
  • Recruitment Timeline/Qualification

    • Recruitment Timeline: Occasion
    • Requirements
      -Prospective graduate or graduate
      -Completed military service or exempted from military service, and qualified to travel abroad

Admission Process

  • Online Application
  • Document Screening
  • Interview Screening
  • In-depth Interview
  • Joining the company
  • Online Application

    Please apply online according to the job announcement.

  • Document Screening

    Based on the application form submitted, we will review the applicant's major, career experience, language skill, and personality.

  • Interview

    Each applicant will be interviewed by work-level/management-level interviewers to understand further knowledge and personality of the interviewee.

  • Notification of Employment

    The applicant will be notified by phone or e-mail within ten days after the interview, and the job orientation will take two days.


  • Group Insurance

    Insurance premiums will cover the case of death, fracture or cancer diagnosis.

  • Retirement Pension

    The retirement benefits are secured by joining the retirement pension.

  • Management Incentive

    The bonus will be paid if the company makes business profits.

  • Support for Maternity Leave

    The female employee can have maternity leave before and after giving birth to a child, and the male employee can have paternity leave.

  • Vacation

    For important family events, we provide paid leave days except for legal holidays.

  • Work Anniversary Gift

    A golden key will be provided to the employee who spent 5 or 10 years on the job.

  • Lunch / Snack

    Lunch(dinner), coffee and snacks are provided free of charge.

  • Other Perks

    In cases of employee birthdays or national holidays, gift vouchers will be provided to employees. The traffic expenses can be reimbursed if the employee has to be off work after 10:00 PM.