HD AVM Around View Monitoring System I Four Channel

HD 3D AVM system minimizes distortion of stitched images with improved quality and angle of view. It consists of 4 cameras and an ECU, enabling stitched 3D view in less than 2 seconds. The automatic image correction based on the machine learning algorithm can secure accurate views surrounding the vehicle. Intelligent Moving Object Detection (IMOD), which detects pedestrians around the vehicle, helps prevent any blind spot accidents.

AASV Advanced Around Safety View

AASV is a system that is installed on the left and right sides of the excavator to protect the operator and pedestrians via alarms when pedestrians are detected within 10 m range of the excavator. PLK is currently mass producing AASV for Hyundai Heavy Industries. The AASV combines AVM (Around View Monitoring) which stitches the images from 4 cameras installed in front/rear/ left/right directions and converts into 2D or 3D views with IMOD (Intelligent Moving Object Detection) technology to monitor and prevent any blind spot accidents.

Product Components

  • Front and rear-view cameras
  • Left and right-view cameras
  • ECU
  • Monitoring Cluster

Product Installation Position