Connectivity Fleet Management System

Connect to a smartphone via the built-in Wi-Fi module of the ADAS device to send and receive data


  • Pedestrian Detection (PD)
  • Virtual Bumper (VB)
  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  • Front Car Departure Alert (FCDA)
  • Full-HD Dash Cam

Send to the ADAS data server through the dedicated application.


  • Video download and play
  • Device Setting
  • Device Update
  • Cloud File Uploading
  • A/S Request

- Save ADAS data by each driver.
- Save recorded video data.
- Provide the website for management

Driver Behavior Analysis

With PLK ADAS products, apps and servers, it can analyze driving behaviors based on the information such as driver's lane violation, rapid deceleration and acceleration, and safe distance violation. We can identify whether the driver needs to improve driving habits by determining whether the driver is reckless or not. Also, it can continuously monitor driving habits by accumulating driving data on the server for the analysis. This system is indispensable for fleets such as Taxi, truck and logistics companies that need to manage driver's driving habits. This system not only improves driving safety but also reduces the human and economic losses.

We can provide a service that discounts insurance premiums according to driving habits and mileage by connecting the driver's driving data with insurance services. By analyzing the driving behavior information acquired from PLK vision sensors through the server, careful drivers who are less likely to cause accidents will have low insurance premiums. Thus, insurance companies can provide more efficient services while improving driver satisfaction.